Tenniscamp 2019

Hello kids & parents,

this year our tenniscamp will take place for the 8th time from 01.07-04.07.2019 !

Registration deadline 17.06.!

The trainerteam will take care of everything for all the groups, what is important for tennis and traditionally we will not only do tennistraining, but we will have many activities which do beyond the normal tennistraining.

The groups will be made by age and skill. We will be working on skill and tactics every day. In addition we will have coordination and fitness training and of course we will have a lot of fun e.g. in the swimming pool and our movie night too! Wednesdays we will stay for the night in tents on our clubsite and thursday will take place a barbacue at the end together with the parents.

Camp 2010 and older

  • 16 x 60min training
  • additional training
  • lunch
  • evening activities + trips
  • Camp-Shirt

=>  Price:  110 €

Camp 2010 and younger

  • 8 x 60min tennistraining
  • additional training
  • lunch
  • Camp-Shirt

=>  Price:  65€

If you register siblings:

1. kid: 110€

2. kid: 105€

3. kid: 105€

This registration is binding and the payment of the fee is mandatory.

In case of a short term refusal because of illness we can only refund the cost partly, because we already had expenses and made plans.

Siblings have to be registered each seperated by submitting the form below.



Your TCW Trainerteam

(the detailed schedule and further info will be published after the deadline)

and confirm that this registration is binding and that I will pay the fee till summer holidays and accept the data privacy terms:




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